May's Acres Daylilies
Danville, Kentucky 40422

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Snowdrops Tulip Poplar bloom Fuschia Ruby Coreopsis

Blackberry Lily seed pod

Pheasant's Eye

passion flower growing up field fence

scaveola Liriope is caustic and can harm your eyes
Vinca Minor, image is a bit 'too blue' Rip Van Winkle daffodils new pawpaw leaves, late April
pawpaw bloom pawpaw bloom pawpaw bloom

Here is a burl in an old Cherry tree, Jet is interested in what's been in there:
burl    Jet looking for critters    burl in tree

Osage Orange ('hedge') swirls around the old barbed wire fence.  Be careful walking in the woods when the 'hedge apples' are falling.  Osage Orange has one of the highest BTU ratings of all the North American hardwoods, great for a wood stove, but too many sparks to be good for a fireplace. The right side photo shows hedge just after it was cut and stacked in the woods.  The bottom shows how it looked after it had seasoned for a year.
osage orange swirling around old wire fence    hedge apples    osage orange firewood
more information about Osage Orange

Honey Locust:

Honey Locust tree, dead    Honey Locust thorn    Honey Locust thorn, springtime

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A weed is just a wildflower with attitude.

Why was Tuck such an ugly duckling?

Syrup filled ants, stinging caterpillars, cicadas molting at midnight.